The philosophy of iKidz Academy is that the "I" in iKidz stands for "I am an Intelligent, Intellectual, Individual and an Independent learner. I am an Inspiration, Incomparable, Innovative and Incredible!" I may be little, but I am Inspired to make an Immense difference in my Innocent world.  


We allow your child to explore learning through play. Our curriculum incorporates well-balanced lessons with diversity. We give all children the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. They will develop positive feelings, establish friendships, increase physical and motor skills that contribute to their success while they learn through play. Our program provides a sensitive, nurturing, fun, and safe environment. 

Working, playing, and sharing with others encourages new interests, helps children learn good work habits, develops ability to follow instructions, and establishes problem solving skills and self direction. Our goal is to develop a well-rounded program to meet each child's needs, build self-esteem, and a strong sense of self.

We believe that children learn best when parents and teachers work together and support each other. Therefore, we encourage the active involvement of parents. Together, we will be one big family with only the best interest of your child in mind!


Our infant program follows the natural rhythm of your baby’s day. It is filled with plenty of hugs, smiles, time and attention so vital to the healthy emotional growth of your little one.


A structured routine comprised of literacy and language building, floor play and creative play stations, music and art, self-help and social interactions and outside time make up the day of the Ikidz Academy toddler program.


A blend of High Scope and our proven curriculum, preschool is based on the ever changing needs of the children. We encourage the children to go beyond the typical expectation for their age level. Children are a lot smarter than we think and at Ikidz Academy, we nurture their curiosity and excitement about learning.

Before/After School

iKidz Academy offers exciting Summer Camp programs for school age children. We offer before & after school programs, programs during school breaks and holidays.


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